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Question of the Week: “How important is the Bronzeville project to our community?”

Photo and question by Yvonne Kemp

Theresa Garrison: “I think Bronzeville is important because it will revitalize the community and give us something to be proud of.”

Wendell Jones: “It (Bronzeville) is im- portant to our community. The development  of Bronzeville will coincide with the redevelopment taking place in other areas of Milwaukee.”

Ald. Milele Coggs: “The economic vitality that Bronzeville once had it can have again. Milwaukee’s African American community will be enhanced culturally and economically by a prosperous Bronzeville.”

Rev. James G. White:  “Bronzeville, from a historic and geographic perspective, is the catalyst to insuring that African American investors and entrepreneurs have a credible stake in the distribution and allocation of funds for construction and redevelopment of crucial economic corridors in Milwaukee.”






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