Pulse of the Community

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Question of the week: “What can be done to reduce crime in our neighborhood?”

photos and questions by Harry Kemp

Bishop Jerry Mixon,  Sr.: “Have an outreach revival that consists of dominant spiritual leaders coming together to promote healing as a standard of holiness. Then you will see a change in our society as never before.”

Lisa Price: “More jobs for the younger generation to keep them from just hanging out on the streets. (We also need to) start taking some of the empty places and making them into something, like a place where you can have skating, talent shows and poetry nights.”

Jackie Laster: “Parents need to step up and be more involved in their children’s lives. Adults should be there for each other, whether it’s family or friends.”

Terry Hoskins: “We need more unity in our Black community. We need to answer the question, ‘Why do we (Black people) rob each other?’ We also need investments in the community badly.”

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