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“What can be done to decrease auto fatalities?”

Photos and questions by Harry Kemp

Cedric Love: “I think a road test should be done every ten years. (There should also be) stricter rules for getting caught while driving without a license.”

Charles Benn: “(To reduce auto fatalities authorities should) ban cell phone and text message usage by drivers, put driver’s education back into the schools and more traffic signals should be installed.”

Tamikia Taylor: “To decrease auto fatalities we need to first of all buckle up! A lot of people I know avoid this safety measure probably thinking it’s not cool to wear (a seat belt). We could also limit the texting and cell phone usage while driving. One more thing… Don’t drive drunk.”

Norma Madison: “We should enforce some pre-driving class after a person has a suspension for driving. This class will inform them of all of the driving education skills. Also penalties should be received for DWIs as well as texting/talking while driving for the first offense.”

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