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Written by admin   // February 10, 2011   // 0 Comments

 Question of the Week: “How much does it mean to the state of Wisconsin that the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl?”

Photos and question by Harry Kemp

Deacon Leon Keith: “It (me) means more to the Packers to become the NFL world champions.”

Marcia Dixson: “I’m not a football fan but I know it is important to all Green Bay Packers fans.”

Carmella Bell: “Although I did not root for the Packers, I’m glad to know (Packer wide receiver) Donald Driver will receive a Super Bowl ring. He has done a lot for the community.”

Ruben Hopkins: “The only benefit I see is maybe for tourism and possibly for the people who sell Packer gear. I see very little benefit for anything else.”

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