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Question of the week: “In what ways has the role of the African American female changed in the past 20 years?”

photos and questions by Harry Kemp

Carvis Braxton: “They have become more politically active. They also see the value of education and are attaining more advanced degrees, thus they are earning more. Also more of them are entrepreneurs.”

Steve Adams: “I believe African American women have always been on the forefront for change in our community. In the past 20 years, the have set new and innovative approaches for our people to be represented at various tables of power influence.”

Charlesetta Thompson: “African American women have been the backbone of our community from early on helping to support our families because the men could not get adequate work. Today they are showing up in every area of employment. They are such excellent role models for our youth.”

 Josephine D. Hill: “Certainly women are currently employed in careers and professions that were formerly closed to them. Women are now allowed to serve in the military in capacities that once only men served. Condolezza Rice and Jocelyn Elders are great examples of the changing roles of women.”

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