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On April 5th we will vote for: Milwaukee County Executive, Municipal and Circuit Court Judge; Justice of Supreme Court and School Board Director. Why is it important for us to get out and vote?

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Martha Love: “The recent governor’s race and following budget fallout has demonstrated how necessary it is that your voice be heard. Voting is that voice.”

Willie Johnson, Jr.: “It is important for African Americans to vote because a vote is an economical and political expression of voters’ choices about securing services and investing in economic development and education for our African American citizens, elders and children.”

Elizabeth M. Coggs: “With all of the programs, services and diminishment of justice… don’t just complain. GET INVOLVED… TAKE 100 PEOPLE TO THE POLLS TO GO VOTE!”

Leon Young: “It is critical that we put people in office who support and represent our concerns.”

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