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Question of the Week: “Sunday, May 8, is Mother’s Day. How do you plan to spend this special day?

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp




Theresa Garrison: “My daughter and her husband always cooks for me a wonderful meal on that day.”


Shirley Warren: “This Mother’s Day I plan on teaching my grandchildren to prepare an amazing meal. My grandsons Xavier and Adrian will BBQ and my granddaughter Taylor will bake”

James Graham II: “This Mother’s Day, I will be preparing a dinner for the two most important women in my life: My mother LaVonda and my wife Monique. After dinner, a night on the town! I am serving as their chauffer, bartender and concierge. I hope they enjoy it.”

Marcellus A. Brown: “God Bless all parents and this precious holiday called Mother’s Day. I will be honoring my mother by cleaning and preparing her annual garden. I show her each day I love her and eagerly sacrifice for her. Everyday is Mother’s Day. Harambee!”

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