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Question of the week: “Now that it is a state requirement to have a state I.D. when voting, what do you think we should do to be prepared for the presidential election in 2012?”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

George C. Matthews, Jr.: “Make sure that everyone gets their state I.D. and learn how to vote the proper way. We should also have classes on voter education.”

Ronald Hayes: “Unless the law recognizes other legal and acceptable forms of I.D., I am opposed to the new law.”

Sandra B. Watts: “I think this was aimed solely to a particular group of people and we should not fall victims to this type of game playing. Get prepared to vote now!”

Dr. Bea Emmerson: “I think the black churches should educate their members to get the necessary I.D.’s before the 2012 election. They should be available to offer assistance (i.e. transportation). We need to start today!”

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