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Written by admin   // June 2, 2011   // 0 Comments

 Question of the Week: “How did you celebrate Memorial Day?”

Photos/question by Yvonne Kemp

James Shepard: “After giving thanks for our fallen servicemen, I (went) to Home Depot and finish my yard by putting down Lava Rocks.”

Tyra Merriweather: “I am a school teacher and I spent the day grading papers. I (also went) to Target to get supplies to help my students finish the school year.”

Roxanne Kemp: “This Memorial Day holds a special meaning for me. My father, who was a veteran, passed away a month ago. I spent this day with my mother and son at his gravesite.

Eric Jefferson: “Because my father was in the Army and he was injured. I celebrate the day for all fallen heroes.”

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