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 Question of the week: “How will the recent budget limitations affect our high schools?”

 Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp


 Chuck Hardrick: “It is going to increase class sizes with the number of students making it harder to reach out to most kids.”

Pamela L. Harrell: “The recent budget cut will dramatically affect the high school budget, cutting not only sport and music programs, but more importantly the educational curriculum, which will not allow our children to graduate and compete on high levels in higher education or the corporate world.”

Richard A. McClain: “(There will be an) increase class sizes and lack of quality teachers because teacher’s motivation is not there.”

Bettye Washington: “The current MPS budget will have a drastic impact on resources, staff and especially opportunities in fine arts. There are so many cuts we will need to be creative to explore grants and additional funding opportunities. The community needs to really step up to the plate and really be advocates for our children.”

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