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Question of the Week: “What can parents do to give their children a better chance in life?” Photos and Question by Yvonne Kemp

Mark Lawrence: “Spend more quality time with them. Take them to church, the park, library and for walks. Parents also should read to and with their children early in life to help them develop a love for reading.”

Carolyn Lawrence: “Parents should exemplify love and respect. Teach them about life and prepare them for the future. Parents must stress to their sons and daughters the importance of education and live Godly lives before them.”

Fred Henry: ”It starts from in the cradle. A baby must be nourished, hugged and talked to. If the baby just lays in the cradle and you never hold him or her, you are creating a monster. Teach them the value of family, love and respect.”

Mildred Henry: “Be a parent! When I say ‘parent,’ I mean ‘Old School Parent.’ I know there are a lot of laws today with trying to be a parent. But a parent can put the fear in their child to let them know that they are the parent.”

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