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Question of the Week: “September 1 was the first day of school. How important is it to attend school on the first day and STAY in school.”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

MARY SAVAGE MITCHELL: “All students need to have a successful, meaningful beginning in educational pursuits. this can ensure positive involvement in furthering their educational path.”

JOHN HICKS,  JR.: “Starting school on time gives a student no reason to get behind or be improperly informed. The continuation (of education) is essential to being able to graduate.”

REUBEN K. HARPOLE: “(The question) is best answered by Dr. Benjamin Mays (famous Black educator): “The purpose for education is if you are ignorant, the world will cheat you.”

DOROTHY COLE:  “The first day of school is every important. It sets the presidence for the future of each child getting off to a positive start in life.”

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