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Question of the week: “What do you think the president can do to improve jobs in the Black community?”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Roger Love: “There is really nothing he can do. We have to do for ourselves, create jobs for ourselves and
stop looking for outside sources to assist us. People come here from
other countries and start by selling anything. We can too!”

Angela Brooks: “As a small business owner, I would like to offer more jobs to our community. The
president has a very difficult job on his hands addressing
unemployment and has taken several steps, such as tax breaks.
However, I would like to see more grant money supporting hiring on a
temporary basis to help stimulate the economy until things get

NeKelia Robertson: “I think that if he offered more tax credits to businesses that hired African
Americans that would help bring more jobs to our community.”

LaMonte Allen: “I think the (employers) need to go back to hiring the way they used to do it:
Having summer programs that can lead into full time positions.”

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