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Photo and question by Yvonne Kemp

As part of a partnership between the Milwaukee Community Journal and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the MCJ will be reprinting articles originally printed in the Journal Sentinel about the alarmingly high rates of infant mortality in Milwaukee, which is among the highest in the country especially as it relates to African Americans.

The question this week is: “What do you think our community can do to lower the instances of infant mortality?”

Jacklin Harness: “First, provide cribs before the infant comes home from the hospital. Get training on how to raise an infant before the baby is born.”

Brenda Heard: “More education for the young mother. Maybe (a) nurse visits the mom a week after having baby.”

Rev. Carl M. Heard: “Parents need to educate their children more. We need to make sure that the Bible is instilled in them.”

Raul Rodriquez: “Get more education on how to raise an infant. But most of all, ‘no co-sleeping.’”

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