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Written by admin   // October 20, 2011   // 0 Comments

Question of the week: “What is your opinion of Herman Cain as a Republican presidential candidate?”

Photos and questions by Yvonne Kemp

Travis Clark: “His 9-9-9 campaign issues will not help the people that need help; taxing the poor 9% is not the way to help. His view is not with many people of its kind or help. He is not looking at the bigger picture with corporation greed.”

Ald. Joe Davis, Sr.: “Smart businessman. Horrible public servant.”

Charlesetta Thompson: “He talks a good game, but does not have the savvy of Obama. He is just a decoy being used to take some of the Black votes away from our president. It’s the same old game of divide and conquer!”

Regina Sims: “Mr. Cain. He says things that some people are thinking, but are afraid they will cross boundaries or be portrayed as a Benedict Arnold (if they say them).”

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