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Question of the week: “Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was in Milwaukee on Monday for a fundraiser. What is your opinion of Mr. Cain?

Photos and questions by Yvonne Kemp

Ebony Staples: “I am not for the Republican party. Although I believe that everyone whether Democrat or Republican has a right to run for president.”

Richard Badger: “Campaigns cost money. Mr. Cain has followers; therefore, if he is going to be a viable candidate he must fundraise. I will be voting (for) President Obama (in) 2012.”

Mary Bell: “I am not a Republican. I think Mr. Cain should step down, due to all of the accusations from four women!”

Tyrone P. Dumas: “Mr. Cain, like all of the other Republican candidates, does not communicate with any minority community residents and continues to exclude Black and Latino folks from their campaigns and election strategies.”

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