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Question of the week: “Is Black Friday good or bad? What is your opinion?”

Photos and questions by Yvonne Kemp

Stephanie Findley: “It’s a gimmick and a scam. It’s a way to get people out to spend money to support the economy. They should just come out and say the economy needs a boost. The products are overpriced and by the time Black Friday comes around you are paying the actual price when it finally goes on sale. Always buy on sale.”

Ijeoma Ezemba: “I think Black Friday is okay, if you (are) shopping online. In the stores it’s too hectic and too much of a hassle. The items you want are limited. Sale prices stay the same after Black Friday.”

Tracy Dent: “Black Friday is a huge success. They turned Black Friday into one big house party. I can’t wait until the next one.”

Symeon Robinson: “I think Black Friday is bad. The reason being is because it’s a ‘fad’ to get people to shop ‘til they drop. Of course the aspect of cheap prices is always good for the soul of a shopper, but one must realize the tradition of Black Friday is a socialist way to get your money. You’re not practicing money management if you’re spending it all.”

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