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Question of the Week: “Have you done what’s necessary to be able to vote in the Spring Primary Election to be held Feb. 21? Why or why not?”

Question and photos by Yvonne Kemp


Jacqueline Ward: “Yes, I have (met the) proper requirements to vote and as a chief inspector at a polling site, it is our duty to relate that information to the community not only at the day of the election, but we must communicate the information whenever necessary.”


Marshay Mahan: “Yes, I meet the proper requirements for voting in the spring primary election. I have made sure my ID and address is up-to-date. I have sat in a class so that I can register people to vote.”


Romero Davis: “You will need your ID to vote anyways. So for myself, I’ve been helping people in the inner city of Milwaukee; taking them to the DMV everyday to get their ID and birth certificates.”


Charles Henry: “Yes. I will do anything to stay eligible to vote in all elections.”

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