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Question of the week: “How has Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s actions and dream been realized in your life?”

Photos and questions by Yvonne Kemp

Jacquetine Williams: “I have had the opportunities through education that was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s leadership and was fought for by thousands who paved the way for me.”

Ozara Ode’: “Dr. King’s vision manifests through my ability to dream live and inspire others. This boldness allows me to be bold. This fearlessness during a time when you could be beaten in broad daylight, just for being black, leaves me fearless.”

Marvin Jones: “Dr. King’s vision and actions inspired me to graduate from Columbia College, spend 32 years at AT&T and work with my community and family, showing them how to cook without salt.”

Joel Johnson: “Dr. King was the rock that opened the door for freedom for all people. The world for freedom was his dream. He made the government change the laws so people could be free.”

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