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Written by admin   // February 16, 2012   // 0 Comments

Question of the Week: Do you think people are thoroughly informed about the Wisconsin’s new voting requirements?

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Ronald Johnson: “I don’t think the people are informed because the requirements are not published enough in the community.”

Lekecia Wright: “No, I don’t think everyone is informed enough about the new voting requirements because everyone doesn’t watch T.V. to know what’s being said. A lot of residents don’t have the proper I.D. or can’t get what’s required to get their I.D.”

Christine Bernard: “No, I do not. It is not being publicized enough. There isn’t enough money put into the marketing of the new voting law. The law was passed, but now they are waiting for people to find out for themselves instead of making sure people know about it.”

Thomas Williams: “Most people are informed if they watch T.V. With all the different commercials about voting and recalling, there is no reason why we as people are uninformed. A way to better keep us informed is if they add more posters around the city.”

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