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Question of the week: “Milwaukee Public Schools held meeting on youth violence in schools and in the streets. What do you think should be done to deal with the problem?”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Tony Smith: “We, as adults, need to keep reaching out o the youth in many different ways such as peer programs in the church, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA and our schools. (We) must continue to support the programs in growth and development so that the youth have positive things to keep them involved.”

Elder Jessie Collier: “The first thing we need to do is acknowledge God first. (We need) to try to get our young people involved in church. I believe they will come to realize that Christ is the answer.”

Gloria Rogers, Wisconsin Northwest State Youth Chairperson: “We must align community, school and church (faith) together to frontload and empower the youth to stand up and use the tools for leadership.”

Angelia Howard: “I think parents should be more present in the homes. A lot of the times fathers are missing from the home; therefore, moms are raising the children by themselves. Moms have to work therefore the kids are home alone, hanging out with friends.”

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