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Question of the week: “If George Zimmerman goes to trial, do you think he will be found innocent or guilty? Why?”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp


Philemon Johnson, Sr. “I believe he’ll be found guilty because he pursued Trayvon Martin after being told not to by the police dispatcher.”


Jocelyn Hall: “I believe that he will be found guilty. This is an important trial and the nation’s eyes are watching. People are anxious to see just how this is going to turn out and the message that this trial will send to all people.”


Francesca Johnson: “It’s difficult to say whether Zimmerman will be found guilty or innocent until the investigation is complete and the evidence is presented. Based on his conflicting stories in the media, I believe he will be found guilty.”


McKinley Perkins III: “I think he will be found guilty because he is guilty. A “Not Guilty” verdict would cause civil unrest, further disenfranchisement of African Americans and exacerbate the deep-rooted racism that exists.”

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