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Question of the Week: “The Social Development Commission has been getting a lot of negative press recently. Do you think SDC is doing a good job in the community providing services?”

Photos and Question by Yvonne Kemp


Geraldine Brown: “Yes, I believe SDC is doing an excellent job in the community providing daycare (Headstart), transitional living, a food pantry and energy assistance. All these programs help to promote self-sufficiency and well-being in our citizens.”

Rosie Coleman: “I think SDC provides a lot of good services, such as energy assistance, senior programs, child care and tax services. My only complaint is they move a little slow.”

Kevin D. Wesley: “I think SDC has reached out to the community and is doing a great job. They are the first resource of success for myself and other students who are preparing themselves for college.”

Welford Sanders: “SDC is doing an excellent job working with thousands of people each yar, providing quality services to the very young, our youth, older adults and families. SDC is helping low-income individuals overcome poverty.”

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