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Question of the Week: “Do you think the labor movement is still alive and well, or in decline and dead? Why or why not?”

by Yvonne Kemp

Monte Mabra: “Decline. Because rights that were fought for, such as unions have been taken. So now the voice that once spoke for the labor movement has again been silenced.”

Kisha Shanks: “I definitely think that the labor movement is on a fast decline. While I understand the need for more accountability as it relates to education, there is a much greater need for educators and laborers alike, to earn wages comparable to their skill level and have job secruity. There is also a dire need for job skills training and jobs.”

Alicia Porter: “I (feel) the labor market is also declining because looking at the competition in the work world there are many reaching for the same goal and it also gives the employers a chance to take advantage of the employees because we, as workers, don’t have that opportunity to fight.”

Marquis Garner: “The labor market has declined for African Americans with the blocking of labor jobs such as the railroad and breaking up the unions.”






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