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Question of the week: “Lately we have had several young children hit by automobiles while trying to cross the street, resulting in serious injury and even death. What do you think can be done about this?”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Camille French: “Crossing guards can be placed in more locations and neighborhood watches should be more alert.”

Desmond Jenkins: “Because of the type of drivers we have today, we have to train our kids the most basic rules (for safely crossing the street): cross at the corner; look both ways; utilize walk signals. This is definitely a problem that we, as a community, have to address.”

Maurice Raye: “We need to have: block awareness; parental control; (street signs that say) ‘Kids Playing.’”

Paris Wilborn: “I think we should have more speed bumps added to the residential streets, especially on the one-way streets. Considering that drivers only see cars on a one-way, speed bumps will cause them (to) not speed (or) mess up their cars.”









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