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Recently 3,000 people went to see First Lady Michelle Obama speak at Bradley Tech High School. Do you think President Barack Obama will win the 2012 Presidential Election? Why or why not?

Question and photos by Yvonne Kemp

James Lindsay: “I believe Barack Obama will be re-elected because most people understand that the economy is in its current state due to the last administration and that it will take at least two terms for it to be corrected.

Markel Johnson: “He will be elected because a lot of people who say they oppose him publicly will support him at the ballot box because he is looking out for their best interest.”

Laviena Davis: “The Lord had his hand on President Obama. My senior companions and I are praying that God will do a miracle.”

Beverly Brown: “I think he will be elected. People have to realize that he had a lot of housekeeping to do when he was elected and he (has done) a lot for the people (considering) the mess everything was in when he took office.”










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