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Question of the week: “What are some of the things we as a community can do to show our kids we support them as they return to school?

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Yvonne McCaskill: “The community needs a consistant, positive message that promotes academic excellnece ALL YEAR!; think you can work hard to get smart, because smart is cool!”

Annie Woodward (MPS board director): “Retired teachers, parents and community members can volunteer to be tutors, hall monitors and support our children.”

Dr. Harry Oden (President of the ND Alumni Association/Class of 1959): Support students, staff and parents anyway we can with mentoring, tutoring, providing scholarships (when possible), and attending school events, to name a few.”

Stanley W. McWilliams, (North Division principal): The three P’s: Patience, Passion, and Prayer. Most of all, show them love.”








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