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Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Question of the week: “Though President Obama’s lead over Mitt Romney has increased in the polls, do you think people in the community will still see the urgency of going out to vote on November 6? Why or why not?”

Kobena Marcus J. Collins: “I think the people who would normally vote will remain to see the urgency. Ultimately, it is up to us – the community – to reinforce the sense of urgency.”

Michele Sommers: “I pray our community comes out to vote. As a teacher and a mother, I try to make our young people understand the importance of voting and what Black people had to do to achieve that right. Complaining means nothing if we’re not willing to do our part to change what we are complaining about.”


Gwen Jeffro: “I believe the people will see the urgency to vote and not sit back and think their vote does not count or be complacent and believe that the polls have president Obama winning so ‘I don’t need to vote.’ This is the worse attitude to take. He needs all of us and we need him. Our future depends on your vote and mine.”

Anthony Atkins: “I do feel the sense of urgency is fading a bit. I think Obama will win, but not by as much as he should. Our youth will need to not be as apathetic as the election draws near.”







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