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Question of the Week: “What is your opinion of the Presidential debate that took place October 6 between President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romeny.”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Tyrone Patrick: “My opinion on the subject was just to bash the president and not to talk about how to help us as a country, but to make him look bad. The president did a lot to help all of us while in office. The world wasn’t moving in the right direction before he became president.”

Sharron Graves: “What was most important to me were the facts. I was not thrilled by the hype or the theatrics of how well they spoke, but (I looked at) the one (who) spoke directly about things impacting me and my family, as well as the community surrounding me.”

Jamissa Stewart: “I enjoyed the political debate that aired on October 6. I felt that President Obama showed great character by staying focused on the topics, while Romney was more into mudslinging and dodging direct questions.”

Darrell Bowens, Sr.: “During the debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the president was clear on the issues and gave enough background on each one so there was a clear understanding of his position and why he chose to proceed in each direction. I also believe that he is reserving to comment on more of the key issues until future debates.”






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