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Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Last week, Vice President Joe Biden and GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan squared off against each other in the one and only Vice Presidential Debate. What was your opinion about that debate?


JENNIFER BULLOCK-SLOAN: “VP Joe Biden told the truth on how voting for Barack will continue to move this country forward. Paul Ryan could not answer questions truthfully and he was not confident with his answers because he was not telling the truth. Biden was so confident and he knew what the answers were before the question was asked. Barack has my vote again in 2012.”


ERICA HOOD-VINCENT: “The Republican ticket is clearly implementing strategies that are only beneficial for the ‘upper-class’ individuals and millionaire small business owners. VP Joe Biden did a great job in articulating the selfless act of bringing our allies together all executing military strategies for the greater good of our country which is the lesser of two evils.”


RON SLOAN, SR.:”The Vice Presidential debate was a debate! I felt both parties were debating and not showboating. However, Vice President Joe Biden was more informative and more direct with his answers. His stand on the issues that are important in this presidential race, and he set the record straight on the issues that Cong. Ryan was presenting.”

HARVEY AGEE: “I thought vice president Biden was very strong with his debate over Ryan. Obama could have done better, but I believe he’s saving the best for last.”






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