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Question of the week: “Now that President Obama has won the election, what is the first issue would you like him to address in his second term?”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp


Ladette Austin: Education. I believe that Wisconsin and most of the country as a whole is lacking the value of education. The president’s focus should be the quality of education that is received to compete in a global market.”


Charles L. Walton: “Making more funds available for employment and training for ex-offenders re-entering into society.”


Bria Grant: “Education reform is pivotal to ensuring that our country continues to lead the world in fundamentals. We need to reassign our values as it relates to educators and their role in providing the tools that will build this nation’s future.”


James Nelson, Sr.: “First of all, I voted for President Obama. I’m elated! For me economics is the key. Employment – jobs, jobs, jobs – is my major concern!”









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