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Question of the Week: Why are you proud to be a veteran?
Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

Rickey Townsell (Army): “I am proud to be a veteran because freedom is not free. So many have paid the ultimate cost for my freedom. It’s my honor to pay back.”

Roger Carroll (Marines): “I am proud to be a veteran. The best decision I ever made in life was to join the Marine Corps. (That’s) why I’m proud to be veteran!”

Dollie Williams (Army): “I’m proud to be a vet because it’s special for a female to honor her country and stand-up for African American females.”

William Johnson (Army): “It is the veterans who make this nation exceptional we have a 125,000 souls buried in 24 cemetaries around the world (who) laid it all on the line for freedom.”








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