Pulse of the Community

Written by admin   // March 28, 2010   // 0 Comments

photos and questions by Harry Kemp

Question of the week:

“What can we do to help solve the central city’s woes?”

Ron Johnson: “We can prepare ourselves with education and training; (as well as) put political pressure on the government.”

Kimberly Bruce: “(We can) provide more outlets for youth and young adults (social, cultural, community activities) and build up stronger neighborhoods.”

Nannette Smith: “(We can create) jobs, jobs, jobs to promote self-sufficiency within our neighborhoods. (Additionally) families need to be certain that their children can go to school with a healthy breakfast and feel secure (that) there will be a place of love when they return home.”

Brother Rip Eichelbergen:

“We need jobs, more love and communication throughout the community and among each other.”

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