PUT A RING ON IT: How Joy & Obi Reconnected After College And Found Love

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Photo By Kelechi Okere

Photo By Kelechi Okere

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How We Met: Joy Adaeze

I was a freshman at Rutgers University and had signed up to be on the dance troupe for an African organization called Twese. On the first day of rehearsal, I met Obi. My first impression of him was that he was cute, with a nice smile and body.  We crossed paths again a year later when we were both models for the Twese fashion show. Since Rutgers was such a big school, we didn’t run into each other much but when we did, it was always cool chatting. We hung out a couple times just as friends, since we were both in other relationships at the time.

A year after we graduated, in the Summer of 2008, we ran into each other at a mutual friend’s BBQ. It was the craziest thing. I wasn’t even going to go since I didn’t have a ride. I ended up catching a ride with a friend last minute. At the BBQ, I ran into a bunch of people from Rutgers. It was like a mini reunion! I noticed Obi glancing in my direction from across the room and then he walked over. We talked and I gave him my number — just as friends. We hung out that summer: went to church together, brunch, movies — it was all really fun and cool. Obi and I had so much in common: we shared similar goals and thoughts on success. We would talk on the phone almost every day and share personal development books we were reading. We were in similar paths in life — I had studied pre-med in school and wanted to go into fashion styling. He studied engineering and wanted to be a life coach. Six months passed, and we fell in love!

Obi is my best friend and he truly knows me better than anyone. We share a very special bond. He has all the qualities I ever wanted in a man and he has the most beautiful heart. Plus, he’s Nigerian, just like me! We were both born in the US. I truly believe God brought us together.

We’d been dating for 5 years. I can’t even believe how the time has flown! Last year, our conversations about marriage got more serious and we both decided this year would be a great time to get engaged.

On Valentine’s Day, I was busy with work — I styled a client and updated my style blog, JoyLovesFashion.com. The week before, Obi mentioned he had made reservations at The Sea Grill in Rockefeller Center. He got home and surprised me with a dozen pink roses, a cute card and my favorite chocolate: Ferrero Rocher. So sweet! We headed out to dinner, which was great and we had a wonderful time. Afterwards, we left and went outside near the skate rink. Obi said he wanted to take a picture by the gold statue. I was like, “Sure, sounds fun”. Still not thinking anything! We took a pic and then all of a sudden, he said, “I got you another card.” He handed me a silver envelope. The card read: “To My Wife”. I was in awe! Then I opened it and he had written: “Will You Marry, Me?”. I was soo happy and tears just started streaming down my face. Obi got on one knee and popped the question. I said “YES”! I will never forget that moment : ).

How We Met: Obi Okere

I was a freshman at Rutgers University studying electrical engineering.  Outside of class I was very active in intramural sports and few student clubs on campus.  One of the clubs that I got involved in was called Twese.  It was a club for African natives.  I volunteered as a dancer for an African performance for their annual dinner dance. During rehearsal, I was introduced to Joy.  Joy immediately caught my eye.  She was cute, seemed nice, had a nice body, and was Nigerian just like me.  Joy and I became friends and hung out a couple times throughout college but never really became romantically involved since we were both in relationships with other people.

We lost touch after college, but finally reconnected at a barbecue hosted by a mutual friend of ours.  I’ll never forget. I was already at the barbecue chatting with some friends.  To my surprise Joy walks in and I found myself checking her out from across the yard.  She was looking better than ever.  I walked over to chat with her and we reconnected over old times at Rutgers.  We later started hanging out as good friends talking on the phone almost every night and, before I knew it, we were dating and were in this awesome relationship.

I always knew that Joy would be the one that I would marry because she is everything that I want in a woman.  In the five years we’ve been together, I couldn’t see myself with anyone else.  I ended up buying an engagement ring without ever knowing how I was going to propose.  I actually hid the ring from her for a month trying to decide on the best way that I would propose.  I wanted to do it in a special way that we can both remember for the rest of our lives.  I decided to propose on Valentine’s day.  On that day, I took her out to the Sea Grill restaurant that overlooks the Rockefeller skating rink.  I was so nervous, but tried my best not to show it.  By the time we finished eating, it was just after midnight, and the skating rink was completely empty and fully illuminated.  I told her that I wanted to go check out the gold statue that overlooks the rink.  While there, I gave her a second Valentine’s Day card where I asked her if she would marry me.  She was completely surprised and immediately cried tears of joy.  I got down on one knee, nervously slid the ring onto her finger, and she said YES!


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