Question of the Week: At the recently held reception kicking off the Conference of Historical Black Colleges and Universities, we asked four HBCU alumni: “What are some of the positive reasons young people should attend a Black Historical College or University?”

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get-attachment.aspx6Lanelle Ramey (Morehouse College): “At HBCU’s students have the opportunity to meet/experience individuals of the same race/culture but from various economic and various communalities across the country.”





Michelle Dobbs (Howard University): “At an HBCU, I didn’t have to look any further than right next to me in class to meet people from all over the Diaspora. It was the best time of my life. My professors knew me, cared about me, and encouraged me to do well in the world.” get-attachment.aspx7







get-attachment.aspx8Sheree Dallas Branch (Texas Southern University): “It was so refreshing and fulfilling to be taught by professors that looked like me. There was a spirit of excellence and a constant feeling of pride.”





Anthony Rhodes (Morehouse College): “Morehouse College prepares young men to learn and achieve; to become a professional in all areas of business, medicine, law, religion, bookkeeping, etc.”get-attachment.aspx9

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