QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Why is church/religion good for the Black community?

Written by MCJStaff   // November 21, 2013   // 0 Comments


Rev. Louis E. Sibley, III (Pastor of Mt. Zion MBC): “The church relates to the totality of man. We are social, physical, psychological and spiritual. Whenever a part of us is not being met or addressed, we are off balanced and inadequte. Without God our life is totally off.”

Cynthia Thomas (Mt. Zion MBC): “We as a Black community need to start putting God first in our lives, and praying more as a family.”

Michele Taylor-Evans: “(The) Church is important to the Black community. We are the one organization that is constant. The church needs to be more visable to all people.”

Guy Thomas: “The church is part of our culture. It is a good place to come when you’re having problems. It relieves stress and you get to praise the Lord.

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