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Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp
Question of the Week: “We asked four attendees of last weekend’s MUL Black and White Ball what they think needs to be done to guarantee a yearly and stable African World Festival, which has again been canceled for this year?”

get-attachment.aspx8Michelle Crockett: “A long-term financial commitment from the overall community.”

Barbara Robinson: “In order to guarantee a yearly African World Festival, we as a whole African American community need to come together and fight and support what it takes, and that’s togetherness.”get-attachment.aspx9
get-attachment.aspx10Kerry Flowers: “I believe better planning should be done to ensure a successful event. There most be inclusion of all people and groups that are connected to the African culture.”
get-attachment.aspx11Johnny L. Miller: “We need to make African World Festival a destination point for all people from Racine and Chicago, and other cities. This will bring more people to the event. Second, I would like us to create a fund to raise money from local corporations and small companies.”

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