Question of the Week: We asked four individuals at the recent Voice of the Fatherless Child event at the Home Depot on Port Washington Rd. about the immigration crisis of children and their mothers coming from South and Central America via Mexico and Texas, and how President Obama should handle the problem?

Written by MCJStaff   // July 19, 2014   // 0 Comments

get-attachment.aspx22Zachary Bynum Jr.:
“I personally think that President Obama should enforce a law that will require all immigrants to be in a program to help them get green cards.  I personally know that there will always be poeple trying to cross the border.”







get-attachment.aspx23Corey Brown:
“President Obama should help the immigrants who are coming from foreign countries to enter the U.S. America is the melting pot of the world.”







get-attachment.aspx24Tyne’cha Brown:
“I feel President Obama should help fix the immigration laws, because everyone should be able to live where they please. They say this is the Land of the Free, they should act as such.”







get-attachment.aspx25Monique Lea:
“Being that America is considered a melting pot, I think that President Obama should let them enter and become legal citizens but, being an American that just graduated college with this economy. I think President Obama should tighten the security and make it harder for them to enter.”

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