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Gershia Coggs

During the recent 18th annual Hat Luncheon sponsored by the Wisconsin African American Women’s Ltd. at its center on Vliet Street, we asked four participants this question of the week:

“What is your opinion regarding equal pay for equal work for women?”


Gershia Coggs: “It is overdue! We have been looked over for too long. We must demand equal pay now!”







Bobbie Lathan: “If men and women are working in the same position, they should get the same pay.”






Helen Harris: “I definitely believe that women deserve equal pay for equal work. If you can do the job, you deserve the pay. This is a civil rights issue. We want to go forward, not backward.”



get-attachment.aspx3Morgan Conyers: “Women have multiple skills and have the ability to perform jobs, take care of their homes and themselves. We deserve equal pay. it is our right to have it.”

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