Reach Down and Rise Up awards $2,000 scholarship

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Bianca L. Cobb

The Reach Down & Rise Up Foundation, Inc., of Milwaukee, WI., is proud to announce Bianca L. Cobb of North Division High School as our very first *Most Improved* scholarship recipient for the 2011-2012 MPS academic school year. We are extremely excited about her academic improvement and have no doubt she is the perfect candidate. At the beginning, Bianca faced many obstacles that did not allow education to be priority, and as a result, struggled with her grades. As time went on, she made the decision to change, which included becoming more positive and making better choices. Her determination and commitment has enabled her to overcome stumbling blocks faced throughout her life. Thus, allowed her to rise above, press forward and graduate with her peers.

On May 16th, myself and members, Melanie Fuller, Monique Newsom & Toni Woodson, had the opportunity to present Bianca with a poster size Big Check at her award day given by the staff of MPS College Access Center, where she spent numerous hours afterschool with her Counselor, Al Godshaw, preparing for college. On June 7th, myself, and members, Monique Newsom & Kevin Goodman presented her with a *Most Improved* certificate and an engraved frame at her graduation ceremony. This fall, Bianca will attend UW-Parkside in Kenosha, WI., where she will major in nursing. This young lady has definitely demonstrated a desire to embrace education. The entire staff wishes her well in all her future accomplishments.

We also want to thank all the students who participated in the application process and wish them success in their future endeavors. Each student’s progress was impressive and for that we say thank you for choosing education. A special thanks to each donor for your contribution in making it possible for us to reach our goal. Every donor’s name is listed on our website “Donor Recognition Page”. We look forward to your continuous support as we commit to inspiring our future leaders and of course we always welcome new donors.

As our organization plans for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year, we challenge parents,

teachers, friends and family of MPS seniors to encourage students to apply for this scholarship

opportunity. The scholarship is offered throughout the MPS academic school year to all students

who end their freshman year with a GPA below 2.0 and has shown significant improvement in

the areas of academics, character and behavior. The students GPA has to improve every year

without fluctuation between grade levels from freshman to mid-senior year. By mid-senior year,

the *Most Improved* 12th grade male or female student is expected to have at minimum, a 2.5

cumulative grade point average. The application packet details further requirements and can be

obtained from the students assigned guidance counselor or can be downloaded via our website:

Our Mission: To financially assist high school seniors in the MPS system that chose to embrace

education and further commit to improving themselves academically as they continue in their

pursuit of higher education.

Our Vision: To promote education and inspire character building, enabling students to become

successful contributors in society.

Article Submitted by: Reach Down & Rise Up Fdn, Inc. – Bernadine Waters, President

Email: Mailing Address: PO Box 76197, Milwaukee, WI 53216








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