Real Estate Auctions, a Great Way to Sell your Real Estate

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Selling real estate these days – whether you’re an individual owner or a bank who has had to foreclose on a property – can be a long, drawn out process, especially when it is still so difficult for many people to secure financing and properties can sit on the market for very long periods of time. It is also costly for owners because even though they’re trying to sell, the property still must be maintained and insured, while taxes on the property continue to be incurred.

Real estate sellers have had to adapt to these changing market conditions become more creative in their approach to selling. is helping many sellers by developing an alternative to selling real estate in the traditional way – using auctions and sales events, instead. Most real estate sellers cannot afford to sell at today’s depressed market values. But Micoley has found the ones who can, and they are willing to negotiate aggressively on limited inventory.

“Auction sellers are motivated to sell property and are committed to a defined time frame. An auction seller is raising their hand in the sea of real estate for sale to say, “Hey, look at me, I am serious about selling this property,” said Wade T. Micoley, president. “Many sellers today would like to sell if they can get their price. But in today’s all time low values, you want to purchase from someone who understands the true market value and is really willing and able to sell. Short sales can take months and traditional real estate still has a huge amount of over-priced properties on the market.”

Real estate auctions are becoming increasingly popular with changing market conditions. Consider these benefits:

  • A real estate auction can speed up the sale of your property because it can expose a property to many qualified buyers who come prepared to purchase the property;
  • Real estate auctions produce attractive prices for both sellers and buyers because they offer built-in price competition and those buyers bidding on properties determine the final sales price;
  • Negotiations are usually part of a real estate transaction and the party with the most experience often ends up getting the better deal. In a real estate auction, while there certainly is back and forth bidding, there isn’t the kind of negotiating one traditionally thinks of when buying or selling property. That can be a relief and an advantage for people who are either inexperienced negotiators or who feel uncomfortable with the typical negotiation process;
  • Real estate auctions eliminate unnecessary showings. Often potential buyers aren’t serious, or even qualified, to buy a piece of property; rather, they just want to look. That wastes a lot of time and resources for a seller or seller’s agent. While does offer showings for qualified buyers, and actually encourages people to view properties before making a bid if it’s convenient for them to do so, there is also very comprehensive information about each property online at That way, if a personal viewing isn’t convenient or possible, buyers still are able to know exactly what they’re bidding on – saving them time, gas, or other hassles.
  • All properties through Micoley are available for purchase prior to auction; you do NOT have to wait until auction day to submit a bid.

The marketing Micoley does is unlike any other in the business and we have an excellent track record, and we were even selected by the FDIC to conduct and oversee the online auction of many of its properties.

Photos, property details and additional information about our listings are available online at Besides up-to-date property listings, you can visit either website to view auctions and sales events, to place a bid or make an offer, to get additional information, or to sign up for email updates.

For those new to online bidding, Micoley’s trained staff of auction professions will be available to answer all questions and to educate those new to the auction experience. Simply visit to “live chat”’ with an Auction Professional or call 1-888-662-1020., located in Green Bay, WI, is a real estate marketing company specializing in bank-owned properties throughout the United States. Their unique approach to real estate sales is executed through customized marketing programs and project focused auction plans, customized for each of their unique clients. Be sure to visit their website for future Auctions and Sales Event information as inventory changes daily.

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