Real Love: How To Attract More Of It

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By Tyomi Morgan

Love is the one thing that every human needs.  It makes each and every one of us feel wanted, adored and purposeful when those that enjoy who we are display their acceptance and gratitude.  However, love is one of the aspects of dating  that seems to be a bit skewed when it comes to what’s real and how to attract the sincere kind into one’s life.  It can be a complicated thing to know how to draw love to you if you’ve never experienced what real, true love  is.

As a matter of fact, there are 15 different types of love that exist within the spectrum, but in this instance we will be covering how to draw romantic love into your life.  This process isn’t just made up of one step like many believe.  Many believe that if love is true and if it’s right for you that it will be easily recognized and embraced, but in actuality many overlook what is real because of blocks that are in the way of seeing what’s genuine.  Those blocks can include: issues with self-image, ideals placed in the mind by societal conditioning or by Hollywood films or issues that exist because of past experiences in relationships with past lovers and even parents.  If love is something that you seek and would like to know how to attract more of it into your life, here are a few tips you can take to heart.

Seek counseling for past hurts.

Baggage from the past can affect how you behave in current relationships.  Seeking counseling for past issues to reconcile with past hurts and wrong doings will clear your life of negative energy and debris that can hold you back from experiencing new energies and people.  Moving forward and healing from past hurt opens up your heart to accept something tried and true.

Love yourself more.

It’s always said that you can’t love anyone else if you can’t love yourself first, and this statement is entirely true. Attracting love and keeping love in your life will happen so much more easily when you begin to love and appreciate yourself for who you are.  Using self -love practices,like reciting positive affirmations in the mirror and doing nice things for yourself will give you a glow of happiness that will radiate outward and touch others.  People like being around happy people and those who show love to themselves attract more love just by embodying it.

Think of how you would want to be treated.

As children, we were told to treat others the way we want to be treated. If love is what you seek, treating others with love, kindness and respect will yield you the desires of your heart.  What you put out is what you get back and this is a universal law that stands true no matter what nationality, race or sex you are.  Always keep in mind how you treat people as you go about your day. An attitude of gratitude and a heart that pours out love will receive those things back 100 fold.

Use rose quartz. 

Rose quartz is a pink gemstone that is made naturally in the earth.  This gemstone holds the properties of adoration and the power to attract love into your life.  Native Americans and those in Eastern cultures have used gemstones for years for their natural powers and abilities, and many people use them today as a means of healing, protection and a source of attracting many different things into their lives. Rose quartz can be purchased from crystal shops around the globe or from websites that specialize in selling gemstones. Whether tumbled or in the raw form, this gorgeous stone has the power to draw love into one’s life.  It can be carried in a pocket, worn as a piece of jewelry or used during meditation while focusing on love.  Gemstones must be charged either in the sun or by burying them in soil in order to work, so before using the gemstone to attract love, use one of these practices to fully activate its natural powers.



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