Real Talk: “I Fantasize About Someone Else During Sex. Is That Bad?”

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By Tyomi Morgan   –

At some point in our lives, we have all been in a mental state where we drift off into a hot and steamy fantasy about someone that we would consider to be a love interest (or an infatuation).  These fantasies are typically known to happen during the single stages of a person’s life, but when these fantasies about other people creep into the bedroom while with committed partners, one begins to wonder if this type of thinking is healthy.

The fact of the matter is, fantasizing about someone else while with your partner is completely healthy and normal.  It happens to be a form of inspiration for many who need a spark to jumpstart their sexual arousal, and as long as the fantasy remains just that, you have nothing to worry about.

Imagining your partner is your celebrity crush or a hot model from any of the billboards you see on a daily basis doesn’t mean you are cheating on your spouse and you should not feel guilty about it.  Just make sure to keep the fantasies in your head because your partner may feel insecure if he/she finds out that someone else is occupying your mind’s space.

So relax and don’t worry! Fantasizing is great! Keep your fantasies in your mind and use your inspirations as positive enhancement for your sex life.


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