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I was blessed recently to receive an iPad. One of the functions of the iPad is to operate as an eBook.

Publishing companies and Apple have been fighting because the publishers see a country that is averse to reading and do not believe that allowing their books to be available on the iPad will assist in their sales.

Apple executives responded that publishing companies are too concerned with the “packaging” of their book. Apple contends, what makes the sale of a book is its content, not its packaging.

The same can be said of the body of Christ. This post-modern culture has placed too much emphasis on the packaging and not on the content. Consequently, we have run a generation away from the church because the church has become so enthralled on church appearance forgetting that God has said He is more concerned with the content. (1 Samuel 16:7.)

It is difficult to know much about a person by external indications alone. Why? There are those who are well-manicured, can quote the scriptures, and who move with an air of importunity, but upon close examination, the outside does not match what is on the inside.

By the same token, there are many who have an ordinary exterior, but underneath they are jewels in the rough.

The barometer of the presence of God in a person’s life is not relegated to a designer label. Neither is it defined by the accoutrements of the aesthetic. The presence of God is seen in those who live a life in concert with God’s Word.

The church must stop judging a book by its outer cover but look beyond the exterior and see the soul that is in need of the Savior. We must move beyond mediocrity, complacency, and traditionalism and work to reach others for Jesus.

Cornel West said: “theology, thus, has public, not private or parochial foundations. It is not restricted either to the language and traditions of a particular esoteric community or to the peculiar experience of unusual individuals.” In essence, our ministry must be a ministry that reaches out (Matthew 28:19-20) if we are to grow within.

At New Covenant Baptist Church, located at 2315 N. 38th St, where the Rev. Fred L. Crouther is the pastor, we have put our words into action. Our Young Adult Ministry has begun a new endeavor on Friday evenings to reach out to our young adult community in an effort to develop the content.

Friday Night LIVE (“FNL”) is held every 2nd and 4th Friday from 7:00 p.m.-8:15 p.m. Every 2nd Friday we hold FNL: “A Worship Experience” and the 4th Friday is an informal forum entitled “Let’s Talk About It.”

Through these forums, we have created a movement through which young adults can grow spiritually, forge a safe place for dialogue, and connect deeply with one another and the truth of God’s Word.

It is important for the church to prioritize reaching this generation. It is not enough to continue saying they are the future, but we must back it up in our actions.

By the way, you are invited to join us. When you come, remember we do not judge a book by its cover; therefore, you are invited to come as you are and be ready to praise the Lord with other excited young adults. I look forward to seeing you.

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