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I have admitted in previous columns that I have a heavy appreciation for electronics and various forms of technology. I read Engadget web magazine to stay current on what technologies are being created, distributed and reviewed.

The sheer scope of technology is amazing. It seems as though there is an “app” for anything and everything that you can imagine. If you can’t cook, just add the ingredients that you have and press send and you will receive suggestions and detailed preparation instructions.

I was in a pinch while teaching a GED math lesson on volume, capacity and weight so I downloaded an app that turned my touch screen into a scale! Who knew!

Recently, great attention was given to the fact that iPhone and iPad usages are tracked and the information regarding where the user has been is stored for over a year.

People began to log into the embedded file in their iPhones and iPads and saw everywhere they had been in the past twelve months or from their time of purchase.

The implications of this information being stored are far reaching. Apple is not alone. When you call to order pizza the information is stored which is why when you call again they already know where you live! When you swipe your “discount card” at the supermarket, that information is used to sell you even more groceries based on your spending patterns.

Many of you, like me, might not like this reality, but the truth of the matter is that we are ALL being tracked!

As intrusive as this tracking may feel, it forces me to remember that God has a better tracking system than Apple ever will. The grocery store and library only know me by my card and wouldn’t know if someone else was holding it; but God in His omniscience somehow manages to have numbered all of the hairs on my head.

Please do not confuse counting with numbering. It would be phenomenal enough if God simply knew how many individual strands of hair were on our head, but He is so awesome that when a hair falls out, He can say without hesitation, ‘That was hair number 2,342,098.”

God tracks everywhere you have been, everything you have touched, everything you have watched, and every life you have impacted – whether positively or negatively.

Since He is the “manufacturer” of your life and the holder of the “warranties”

(also known as promises) that He has listed in the Bible – He tracks you. He tracks how you handle your marriage and nurture your children.

He tracks how you work on your job and how faithful you are in attending your church services.

He is so detailed that He can cross-reference your attendance to your prayers. He is well aware that some people don’t show up to service until they need something. As soon as things begin to go well, they disappear until the next crisis.

He not only tracks our external whereabouts, God is also able to track the internal whereabouts of our hearts. He knows what we are thinking and feeling and He is more than able to do more than you can imagine.

This week, make a decision to live life realizing that the Almighty God who sits high yet looks low. God calls you to be more concerned about His tracking than Apples’.

What does He see when He looks back over your whereabouts this year, more importantly, what will He see from this point on?

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