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I tried to kill myself on West Hope Avenue. My addiction to crack cocaine had ruined every relationship I cared about and I had nothing to live for.”

This is the story of Annette Young, a resident at Hope Street Ministry.

“After surviving my attempted suicide, I went to detox. When I was leaving detox, they gave me a list of programs to choose from as a next step. When I saw ‘Hope Street Ministry’ on the list, I knew God wanted me to go there. I tried to kill myself on Hope Ave. God brought me back to life at Hope Street.”

Annette has been at Hope Street for a few months now. “Here, my life is full of peace and I get to see my grand-kids almost every week.”

Out of death, comes life. This is the story of Easter. Jesus died and then He rose from the dead. He invites us to do the same – die to our self-centered ways and live an honest, centered life for Him.

Easter happened – once for all 2,000 years ago on a hill called Calvary. Easter happens – every day in a building on 26th and Capitol called Hope Street Ministry.

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