Religion: The laid road

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by Shone Bagley, Sr, Ordained/M.C.C.

A message to those who can make a change:

There once was a road laid for those who lived in the wilderness. Some would come out from the wilderness to walk on the road because the road was going in the direction in which they were headed. Others would not walk on the road because it may have seemed out of their way.

Over time, as the people walked on the road, potholes began to form. The people relied on other people to fill the holes. The group would fill the potholes and then the road would become “walkable” again. Shortly after being repaired, the road was once again filled with pothole bumps—so much so that even if the road was leading in the right direction, people seldom used it. For walking on the road would be no different than walking in the wilderness.

If Jesus laid that road for us, then the churches are the pothole bumps.

Once there was a smooth road on which those in the wilderness could walk. Now, there is no difference between walking on the road and walking in the wilderness.

For example: While the people continue to suffer physically and spiritually, the “potholes” are are now robbing God for themselves. Where is the storehouse to feed the masses of our people? Where are the tithes going?

Malachi 3:10 (KJV) 10”Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts,…”

Why is it that with all of these churches on almost every block, the church cannot come together and heal the community? You cannot deny that there are those who live in poverty who become angered—trying to stay alive in a government and religion system that is enslaving them. Where are they to go?

If Jesus could heal five thousand (Matt. 14:13-14) and feed them (Matt. 16:5-11), and we serve the same God who raised Jesus from the dead (Rm 10:9), then my question is: “Where is the power within all these churches in healing the masses of our people?”

Secondly, “Where is the feeding of the masses of our people?”

If you put a lion in a cage, the wildness within their eyes will leave and madness will set in.

Our people are in a cage within their neighborhoods, slaved while those who choose not to go back into the wilderness look at the masses of our people as if they themselves are someone special.

Where is the hope? Where is the help for the masses of our people who need physical and Spiritual truths?

It seems that we are, as a whole, still enslaved. If the mass won’t help, then the few will help or die trying. Are you ready to get your hands dirty for our people?

Love you my brothers and sisters

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