Religion: Wilder loved the Lord

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Myrdle Wilder

Myrdle Wilder was more than a name that will appear in the history of our hearts forever.  Born June1, 1910, she accepted Christ at the age of 10 years old at King Solomon Baptist Church in Indianola, Mississippi under the leadership of the late Pastor Phillips.  She was a God fearing woman, washed in the blood and filled with the Holy Ghost.  If anyone inquired about her life and how she lived to be 100, she had no problem telling them that she was saved by the grace of God.  She would explain in her soft spoken voice, “Hold on to the unchanging hand of God.” God carried her through the passing of her three children, Judge Wilder, Corrine Simpson and David Wilder Jr.  Letting go of the past, finding strength through adversity of a 100 year celebration of life, she finally let go.

She took her place at the table with the King on June 9, 2010.  Myrdle leaving behind 11 grand children, 29 great grand children, and 31 great, great, grandchildren and 3 great, great, great grand children, a total of 74 grandchildren in all.  She had 3 sisters, Florine 95, Alice 90 and Beatrice who is 85 years young.  These Rodger sisters knew what living was all about and they all believed in holding on to the unchanging hand of God.

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