Rep. David Scott: President Obama shows ‘disrespect’ with judicial nominees

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The growing chorus of critics on the left of President Barack Obama‘ s Georgia judicial appointees is starting take their grievances public.

Rep. David Scott (D-GA) was unsparing in his attacks on the president during a radio interview today with NewsOne’s Roland Martin.

“What your audience needs to understand is the level of disrespect that this president has done to this nation on these appointments,” Scott told Martin. “The president is gone in 29 months. These individuals will be left on the courts to impact and affect all future generations.”

At issue are the nominations of Michael Boggs and Mark Cohen, judges who have been criticized for their rulings on hot-button topics like voter ID, abortion rights and LGBT rights.

“Let us be frank here. I’m proud of this first black president. I love this first black president,” said Scott. “But when you are hurt by the one you love, there’s no greater pain than that.”

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