Rising gas prices fueling crime

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Stop thief...! Stealing gas! Men stealing petrol/gasoline from a moving truck in traffic!!! Seen on a road in Daresalaam, Tanzania

(FOX News)

With gas hovering around $4 a gallon, more and more people are deciding they’d rather steal it than pay for it.


Theft of fuel has traditionally risen and fallen with pump prices, but now crooks are going beyond simply siphoning gas from a parked car or driving off without paying after a fill-up. Around the nation, thieves are using ingenious methods and breathtaking brazenness to empty the tanks of trucks, industrial fleets and even gas stations themselves.


Some of the unusual incidents that have occurred in the past two months include:

  • A group of men were arrested in Davis, Calif., after they were caught on tape using a customized truck to pump gasoline directly out of underground storage tanks at area gas stations. The truck was disguised as a bread delivery truck for cover.
  • In Tampa, local cops interrupted two men at a BP station as they were pumping out gas from storage tanks into barrels set up in a modified minivan. The incident has put local authorities on high alert.
  • Utah has seen a spike in thefts from cars and trucks, and other machinery at construction sites, including $200 worth of diesel stolen from a 40-ton excavator at one site in the town of West Point.
  • In South Texas, a man was charged with murder after he and two cohorts caused an explosion after trying to siphon fuel from natural gas condensate tanks, leaving one dead and others severely burned.
  • In the California Wine Country region, Emeritus Vineyards shelled out thousands of dollars beefing up security after thieves were cutting fence locks and stealing gas from the winemaker’s fleet of delivery trucks.


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